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Life is a series of challenges. Moment to moment we are faced with, as it were, a question mark: to do or not to do - that swims towards us in the flood of time. Temptation after temptation approach us. The future becomes the present and it, rolling over us, as it were, passes on to merge into the beginningless past. Our intellect and discrimination are called upon to value each moment independently and to come to a judgement upon things and beings. At each challenge two paths, as it were, are open for us to follow. On one side we are temptingly beckoned to playfully dance through a seemingly well-lit Path of Pleasant, but the path ultimately leads us to a dark cave of sorrow , and on the other side lies a quite uninviting path, ill-used, winding and uphill, but that which ultimately leads us to the sunlit pasture-lands and flowery meadows of Eternal living and happiness. This latter path is called the Path of Good. If you desire happiness, always take the Path of Good.
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